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Only with a clear leadership direction which stems from the core-essence of the human being, and that shines through the light of vision, we will survive the change, even the technological one while accompanying other humans with grace into their next evolutionary journey, which should be the primary, and focused, real business of humans.

from The Apple & The Candle - Zoccoli, 2020

Zella International

a community of practice of like-minded yet diverse individuals brought together by a shared idea that leadership skills, attitudes, and practices can change the world around us, one human being at a time. We are committed to bringing forth our multi-faceted expertise in education, business, sociology, psychology, and design in accessible formats through coaching, training, and events.


By bridging the academic and the working world, we aim to create a human-centered workspace for participants to share, reflect and build upon their (human-) intelligence and experiences. Zella is there for individuals and organizations alike to nurture their leadership attitudes and capabilities in an evolutionary educational setting designed and engineered with a creative spirit, human values, and digital infrastructures. 





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